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What do the participants say about us?



Etihad Airways - AFC Portimão 2024

On behalf of the Etihad Football Team, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for organizing such a fantastic event.

We had an incredible time participating in the tournament, interacting with other teams and enthusiasts from around the world.

We are excited to hear about the next tournament being held in Budapest and we will review it internally for possible participating once again.

Once again, thank you for providing us with this wonderful event to showcase our skills and sportsmanship, we are grateful for the memories and friendships during the tournament.


Nouvelair - AFC Portimão 2024

As usual, good organization, a warm welcome, a pleasant atmosphere between the teams, We are very much impressed with the highest level of the event organisation . Special thanks to the AFC organization committee for their efforts, their listening and their availability all time . You are wonderful, we thank you dear friends. An exceptional tournament for us, after our success, and our brilliant results, due to the efforts and sacrifices of all the stakeholders of the club (Players, technical and administrative staff). always forward and see you next time .

Budapest Team.jpg


Budapest Team - AFC Athens 2023


Thank you very much for the invitation! It was a great pleasure to join the AFC tour in Athens.
I can assure you that we had a wonderful stay. I can tell you in the name of our all team that we had a memorable time and a great fun in this ancient city.
I also hope that we will meet at the 2024 AFC series. Maybe in Cairo or Portugal but I'm sure we will be there at the Budapest tour.
Thank you so much for the excellent organization, you and Ali did the best work for us that we could visit the Acropolis.


Air Serbia - AFC Athens 2023

As i told you in person, thank you for everything.
Organization of the tournament was excellent, we had a wonderful time and unforgettable seamless experience.

The pitches and the beach were 5minutes walk from hotel. For sure we will see you again.
I will be targeting Portugal.

air serbia.jpeg
aa team novelair.jpg

Nouvelair - AFC Alicante 2023

It was wonderful experience to participating in Aviation Football Cup, Alicante Spain 2023 ,we are happy to share the lovely time with other people's over the world. Thanks for the amazing days. Special thanks to the organization committee.You are the best, you are perfect.

Will never forget that. For next All the best.    

FCIce - salou2019.JPG


FC ICE - AFC Barcelona / Salou 2019

You did a great job with the planning. We thoroughly enjoyed our participation in the tournament and we are more than likely to join again.

Air Cairo


Air Cairo - AFC El Gouna 2022

Thanks a lot for everything. We really had a great time and the organisation was perfect.
Please keep in touch for your next tournament...

InterMiami - salou2019.JPG


Team American - AFC Barcelona / Salou 2019

Speechless , just simply the best tournament we ever participated. The organization on this tournament is just simply amazing. Our first tournament and We love everything about it. Would participate on all the tournament you would have from now on.


Ukraine International Airlines - AFC Antalya 2019


We are very much impressed with the highest level of the event organisation - the venue, hotel accommodations, meals, etc and the Tournament itself - starting with draw ceremony, the highest level of the football fields, refereeing and the games themselves. On behalf of UIA Team I would like to thank the Organisation Committee for all the efforts in arranging this unforgatteble event. We'll participate in the next AFC Tournamens with our pleasure.

UkraineIA - Antalya2019.JPG


Qatar Airways - AFC Antalya 2019

The tournament was well organised with fairplay spirit and challenging games. We were unlucky as we lost points at the last minutes of the games. We look forward to participate in the coming tournaments and we will make sure that we are better prepared to get the trophy back home.

5. Qatar.JPG


National Airport Minsk - AFC Lisbon 2018

Thank you very much for the high level of organization of the tournament. 

We hope that in the future we will take part in the next stages of the competition.

6. Minsk.JPG
Athenas Airport - Salou2018


Athens Airport Community - AFC Salou 2018


Once again we had an absolute fantastic time in your tournament.

The resort was great, Salou was beautiful and your efforts for a pleasant stay and tournament, were admired from every single player that took part. You love what you are doing and this is something that we can see easily. We feel very happy taking part in your competition and we will try our best to make it happen and come to future tournaments too.


Inter Miami - AFC Lisbon 2018


We love participating to your tournament as we appreciate that you allow us to be part of it. Thank you very much for everything. WE KNOW you guy put a lot of effort and dedication. You can definitely count on us for next year as we look forward to see you guys soon.

InterMiami - salou2019.JPG
Windrose - Salou2018


Windrose - AFC Salou 2018 

Thank you very much for the excellent tournament and organization and for the wonderful time spent. We will hope to see you in Lisbon!​


Amadeus Erding - AFC Madrid 2017

 We really enjoyed it. 

It's really appreciated, all the work you put into it - I know there's many challenges, foreseen and unforeseen in organising such an event :-)


All Stars Air France - AFC Madrid 2017

All Air France players were happy to participate in the Madrid Aviation Cup.

A very well organized tournament.

We will be happy to participate again in a competition AFC (even if for us, the competition is not important, it's more fun, sharing and the pleasure of playing football).



Athens Int'l Airport - AFC Vienna 2017 

We had a great time in Vienna, we enjoyed the competition and we feel so happy that we had the opportunity to take part to such a beautiful tournament. 

The experience was amazing and it feels so good to make lots of new friends from all over the world. We thank you for the great hospitality and your quick response to all the matters that came up.It is our pleasure to take part in a future tournament and we certainly try our best to make this happen.



Windrose - AFC Vienna 2017

Many thanks for your great job in organization of tournaments. We proud to be a part of international football family and to participate in the competitions AFC.

Viena left a good impression! Donau sport centre - sports Paradise!

We continue to celebrate. We will be glad to take part again.


EASA - AFC Rome 2016 

Thanks a million for the wonderful show you put on display. Our guys and brave girls (plus tifossi) had an absolute blast on and off the pitch. We’d like to thank you again so much for the wonderful event you created in Rome. It was an honour and a pleasure.

We are looking forward to hearing from you about future AFC tournaments.

Equipos (16).JPG


Emirates Airlines - AFC Salou / Barcelona 2016


Thank you for having us. There were very competitive teams participating in this tournament.

AFC is the preferred tournament actually for us as Emirates Airlines to participate yearly. The name of the tournament itself it has a lot of value to our company as to Emirates Airlines Football Club.


Toronto AC - AFC Rome 2016

 Thank you for everything. The tournament was great and Rome was amazing. We all had a great time and hope to participate in future tournaments.



Budapest Airport - AFC Salou / Barcelona 2016

 We are proud to participate in the AFC every year. We've enjoyed the experience here in Spain. This is a lovely location very well chosen and we have to say thank you to all organizing team for all the hard work. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, the guys really enjoyed so we hope to be here next year as well.



Austrian Airlines - AFC Rovinj 2015

 Thanks for four nice and wonderful days in Rovinj. We enjoyed being there and had a lot of fun. It was also great to meet you again and organization of your tournament was, as always, great… If we can make it, we will be part of your next tournament, for sure…

Austrian Airlines AFC_Rovinj_2015 (202).
Air Plus AFC_Palma_2015 (54).JPG


Air Plus International - AFC Palma Mallorca 2015

First of all I would like to thank your team for this fantastic tournament. The organization of the whole tournament was great. The players and teams were very assisted by the organization team. We have had a pleasant weekend and have enjoyed these days – so THANK YOU!

Libyan Airlines AFC_Rovinj_2015 (73).JPG


Libyan Airlines - AFC Rovinj 2015

Thanks to your group that you selected a nice place we see first time. It was fantastic and we enjoyed every minute we being there.


Attila the Hun  - AFC Palma Mallorca 2015​

I thank you what you gaves us there. Everyone liked the place. The accommondation was perfect, The breakfast and the dinner was varied and delicious. As been for years you can expect our team in the future.

Attila the HUN AFC_Palma_2015 (159).JPG
Venice lions AFC_Salou_2014 (886).JPG


Venice Lions - AFC Salou / Barcelona 2014

It has been an other great experience !! As Always, thank you to you and your perfect organization !!! ;-) you are the best!

Lufthansa Tunis (Para Frankfurt 2014) AF


Lufthansa Tunis - WAFC Frankfurt 2014

This first participation will encourage to take part to other tournaments especially those organized by you. Special thanks to the organization committee.

Air Mauritius AFC_Salou_2014 (881).JPG


Air Mauritius - AFC Salou / Barcelona 2014​


It has been a real pleasure and privileged for us to participate in this tournament. We would like to thank the organizing team for all your efforts to ensure the success of this event. We surely look forward to meet you in another tournament in the near future.

Bulgaria Air AFC_Frankfurt_2014 (160).JP


Bulgaria Air - WAFC Frankfurt 2014

We would like to thank for this amazing 4 days! This was a life time experience which we will never forget!!!

Amadeus Germany -AFC_Budapest_2013 (640)


Amadeus Germany - AFC Budapest 2013

Thanks a lot for everything. We really had a great time, and the organisation was excellent. Please keep us in the loop for your next tournament.


S7 Engineering - AFC Budapest 2013

Thanks for great tournament! It was a great pleasure for us! All was wonderful and we will be glad to be a part of your tournaments!!

S7 Engineering AFC_Budapest_2013 (866).J


Referee - AFC Madrid 2012

I'm very happy to be in Madrid and see you, your friends and be participant of this superb tournament!!!  Gala Dinner on Friday was the most glamorous football event I have ever attended. I'm ready to be a referee anytime, everywhere you want me to come. Thanks for this marvellous experience and....see you next time!!!!!

Dnata -AFC_Madrid_2012.jpg


dnata - AFC Madrid 2012

It was really nice meeting you and the tournament was very good. Thank you for organising such tournament.


Team Icelandair Group - WAFC Frankfurt 2015

 We would like to thank the organizing committee for a great tournament. We were very happy with both on and off pitch activities and we will be sure to return next year for another great weekend.

Team Icelandair (Para Frankfurt 2015)  A
Tblisi ACC AFC_Frankfurt_2015 (223).jpg


Tbilisi ACC - WAFC Frankfurt 2015

It was wonderful experience participating in Aviation Football Cup, other than playing football, we had great time off the pitch with Aviation people from all over the world. Thanks to Aviation Cup.


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